Saturday, July 28, 2007



The Democrats are beginning to snipe at each other. Dennis Kucinich charges that the front-running candidates are conspiring to keep him out of the running. Elizabeth Edwards suggests that Hillary Clinton is not the best candidate on women’s issues, and Bill Clinton comes to his wife’s defense. Hillary and Obama are taking shots at each other over the issue of talking to heads of rogue governments.

And where is Carl Perrin in all this? Is no one attacking him only because so few people realize that he is even in the race? How can he possibly compete against candidates who are raising millions of dollars, while he has less than $100 in his entire campaign fund? If you talk to Dr. Perrin, you will find him extremely relaxed and self confident. You would never guess from his manner that he is way behind even Dennis Kucinich. That is because he has a plan.

In August he is going to Maine to campaign. Maine’s state motto is Dirigo, which means “I lead.” There used to be a saying, “As Maine goes, so goes the nation.” Perrin is confident that the saying still applies. He expects to do very well in Maine. Volunteers all over the state are collecting returnable bottles that will swell his campaign treasury. While the other candidates are focusing on Iowa, New Hampshire, Florida, and California, Perrin is putting his effort in Maine. As far as the rest of the country is concerned, Perrin is travelling under the radar right now. Once he gets to Maine, the other candidates will be blindsided. He will seem to have come out of nowhere and rise to the top of the charts. People in Maine appreciate cheap beer, and they know they can depend on Dr. Carl Perrin to keep the price beer down so they average person can afford it.

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