Sunday, November 17, 2013


Carl Perrin never planned to be a teacher, but his career lasted 50 years. He taught English in high schools and colleges in five different states. TOUCHING ETERNITY is his story.

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Friday, November 8, 2013


No, not the kind who go to Washington and make all kinds of inane noise—we’re talking about regular turkeys, the ones we enjoy at Thanksgiving. Joe Morette, a New Hampshire farmer, serves his turkeys beer with their dinner. He says it makes the birds fatter, more flavorful, and juicier.

The animal rights group PETA objects, stating, that "farmers across the country use questionable practices to keep costs down or to alter the taste of animals' flesh because their priority is profit, not the animals' welfare."
We find PETA’s position a little ridiculous. Morette is not saving money by giving beer to his turkeys. And as for the animals’ welfare, the turkey is going to end up on someone’s dining room table on Thanksgiving.

Carl Majewski, a poultry specialist at the University of New Hampshire, doesn’t see any problem with letting the turkeys enjoy a little beer with their meal. Majewski himself brews beer at home and raises chickens. He has no plans to share his beer with the chickens. “I'm going to drink it instead," he said.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Retired English professor Dr. Carl Perrin is on a campaign to make the world safe for democracy by promoting good grammar.

He just published his grammar book SUBJECT MEETS VERB as a kindle book. He explains grammar in easy-to-understand terms and illustrates points of grammar through the romance of Aristotle Mongoose and Melody Moonbeam and the machinations of the Mandible Corporation. Just go to and write SUBJECT MEETS VERB in the search box. The kindle book is yours for $0.99.

In another effort Perrin is bringing back his popular website, the Grammar Doctor. Right now it is still a work in process, but you can check the progress by going to