Thursday, May 24, 2012


It is pretty much settled that Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican presidential nominee. But who will his running mate be? Various Republican governors, senators, and members of Congress have been suggested. When the question is put to any of these potential vice presidential candidates, they all give some variation of, “No, I’m not really looking for that job, but if Governor Romney were to ask me, I would have to give it serious consideration.” All of them are just playing hard to get.

It occurred to us to wonder, what if Romney chose someone out of left field. That’s what Senator McCain did in the last election. He chose the little-known and highly improbable running mate, the Governor of Alaska. What if Mitt asked Carl Perrin to be his running mate? When we put the question to Perrin, he evaded it, saying, “Romney wouldn’t choose me. I’m not even a Republican.”

“But what if,” we insisted. “After all, you were born in Massachusetts. You have that connection with Governor Romney.”

“That’s about the only thing we have in common. Why would Romney even want me on the ticket?”

“You could attract the geezer vote.”

“The geezer vote? Hmm. What is the salary for vice president?”

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thousand Dollar Shirt

Mitt Romney, who considers the $360,000 he made in speaking fees to be pocket change, has trouble relating to everyday people. The latest example of the difference between the Romneys and Joe Six Pack comes from Ann Romney. Mrs. Romney, who wears a Michael Kors wristwatch and has “a couple of Cadillacs,” was seen wearing a "Reed Audubon Silk Shirt.” The blouse sells for $990. Someone from the Romney campaign said that Ann Romney does not have a stylist and probably bought the shirt on her own.

Which bring us to Dr. Carl Perrin, who ran for the Democratic nomination in 2008. When he failed to secure the nomination, he ran as an Independent on a cheap beer platform. He considered entering the race for the 2012 election, but he did so poorly in 2008, that he decided to sit this election out. He will probably run in the 2016 election. Ann Romney may or may not have a stylist, but Perrin definitely does not. Maybe that is why he did so poorly in the 2008 voting.

You can make a difference in the country’s direction. Let us know if you think Perrin should hire a stylist for his next political campaign. Maybe you could offer some style tips to former English professor. If you look carefully, you will see that he is bald. Should he wear a wig, or would a wig just make him look ridiculous?

This is your chance to shape the nation’s future.