Monday, July 16, 2007



First they threatened to release embarrassing pictures of Miss New Jersey, Amy Polumbo, if she didn’t give up her crown and drop out of the Miss America contest. The threat came with a letter that contained some pictures, evidently taken from her FaceBook posting. The letter threatened even worse pictures if Ms Polumbo didn’t drop out of the race. The young woman bravely refused to drop out of the race, saying the photos didn’t show anything illegal or immoral.

Now we have a new twist in blackmailing public figures. Democratic candidate Dr. Carl Perrin received a similar threatening letter with a picture of a woman who looks young enough to be his daughter. We are posting the picture on this site only because we know it will be appearing in every tabloid in America.

Like Ms. Polumbo, Perrin is refusing to drop out of the race. The Miss New Jersey pictures have been released. Most people would consider them pretty mild, and she is still in the Miss America race. Perrin doesn’t know what pictures of him might surface. “I haven’t been perfect,” he admits, “but I think the American people are willing to forgive me a few minor peccadilloes.”


asper said...

Wow! What a babe. She oughta be Ms. New Joisey

Lisa said...

I know that many of your readers are hoping that she is a moral young woman without a sordid past.

She has a kind face.

grammaticus1 said...

Carl Perrin wants the public to know that the identity of this young woman has nothing to do with his ability to serve as president of the United States.

And before hyou go rushing to judgment, just remember, a vote for Perrin is a vote for cheap beer!

Mrs. Perrin said...

Younger woman!!! Trust me, I'm no Hillary. You will not be forgiven.