Monday, February 27, 2012


Rick Santorum believes that ignorance is bliss. Anyone who wants young people to go to college must be a snob. Once students get into college, all those liberal professors teach them to think for themselves. That isn’t a good thing.

When he was in Congress, he consistently voted for earmarks, goodies for his home state, even though they added to the federal deficit. “You have to take one for the team,” he said, explaining why he voted for No Child Left Behind, even though he didn’t believe in it.

The former Pennsylvania senator thinks it was a mistake for the federal government to bail out the American automobile industry. In his mind, it would have been better to just let Chrysler and General Motors go belly up. I’m not sure why he feels that would have been good for the economy, but I’m sure he has his reasons.

He doesn’t believe there should be an absolute separation of church and state. In his mind, evidently it would be okay to have the Catholic Church, for example, not only banning all abortions but also outlawing contraceptives for everyone.

Why wouldn’t any true blue American want to vote for a man who thinks like that?

Don’t think that I’m totally against Rick Santorum. I like his sweater vests.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rick Santorum doesn’t want American kids to go to college. He believes that America has lost its higher education. "Higher education was the first to go, a long time ago," he said. While speaking at the First Baptist Church in Naples, Florida last month, Santorum claimed that the Left uses universities to "indoctrinate" young people for the end purpose of maintaining power. "It's no wonder President Obama wants every kid to go to college," he added.

Once these good American kids go to college, the candidate explained, left-wing professors teach them to think for themselves, and that is bad for the country. When these young people start thinking for themselves, they no longer swallow the BS that politicians try to feed them. They no long trust good old American institutions like Wall Street. They develop these crazy ideas about equal rights and having the rich pay their fair share of the taxes.

What would the country be like if everyone thought things through instead of taking the truth that people like Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh preach to them? It would be a mess, that’s what. We need more ignorant people so we can keep things the way they are.