Wednesday, July 25, 2007


It should not come as a surprise that Dr. Carl Perrin was not even invited to take part in the Democratic debates on July 23. The format for this debate was something new. Ordinary citizens submitted questions through YouTube.

Since Perrin wasn’t able to participate in the debate, we asked him to answer just one of the questions that had been submitted: Would you be willing to serve as president for minimum wage ($5.85 an hour rather than the $400,000 salary)? The only one who would not accept that slave wage was Connecticut senator Christopher Dodd, who said he had two young daughters to educate. Barack Obama stated that the people on the stage were doing pretty well financially.

Here is Perrin’s response to the question:

What’s wrong with these people? Are they nuts? None of them probably ever worked for minimum wage, and they don’t need the money anyway. But I do. That’s why I want to be president, because it pays more than any job I ever had. I could really use the dough. Sure you get free housing, transportation, and medical care, but who pays for the groceries? Who pays for beer? Stuff like that. It’s hard enough trying to get by on Social Security, but then they want to pay minimum wage on top of that for a full-time job! If I accepted minimum wage, they would be paying me less that they pay George Bush! The next thing you know, they’ll be putting the job up for bid and electing the person who will accept the lowest salary. Forget about it. When I am elected president, I want the full salary.

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