Saturday, December 12, 2015



The next president of the United States will be a Democrat, and for that the Democrats can thank Donald Trump. No matter how the political campaigns go over the next 11 months, Trump will play a major role in the Republican camp, and whatever the outcome for the GOP, the Democrats will come out ahead on Election Day.

Even though he has been held a strong lead in national polls for months, the Republican leadership is desperate to push him out of first place, resorting to a brokered convention if necessary. If the convention opens with Trump holding a plurality of the votes, the electors representing those ballots will be legally bound to vote for him on the first ballot only. On subsequent ballots the electors can vote for anyone they want. The situation opens itself up to three possible scenarios, all of which would lead to a Democratic victory in the general election.

Trump arrives at the convention with a majority of votes or is able to overcome opposition at the convention and become the Republican candidate. His support comes primarily from older white males with limited education. Twenty-six percent of Republicans have negative feelings about him. Many GOP leaders have said that Trump does not represent Republican or even American values. Most of them, no doubt, like Paul Ryan, will hold their noses and vote for him. However, the Donald will not gather enthusiastic support from the Republican party.

The reality show star cannot expect much support outside of his core followers. He has insulted each of his rivals for the Republican nomination. He has alienated huge groups with his put-downs and gratuitous insults. Fifty-nine percent of the American public has negative feelings about him. If he runs, the Democratic candidate will win the election and possibly win both the House and the Senate at the same time.

The Republican establishment is able to deny Trump the nomination. In revenge he runs as third-party candidate. In such a case Trump would get votes from people who would otherwise vote for the Republican candidate. Result: a win for the Democrats.


Trump does not win the nomination and for whatever reasons decides not to run as a third-party candidate. He has been in the leading position for so long that his core followers will still feel that he has been cheated of his rightful prize. Those mendacious Washington politicians, along with the lamestream media swindled the Donald. His core will not then vote for Democrats. Heaven forbid! They will just stay home on Election Day and throw the election to the Democratic candidate, whoever he or she is.

Sunday, November 29, 2015


His primary rules were: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.

Do you recognize the person being described here? Are you sure? No, it is not that crude loudmouth who has been going around insulting everyone with apparent impunity. It is the psychological profile drawn up by the OSS of Adolf Hitler.

And yet ignorant people continue to support this man. He is still leading in the polls of candidates for the Republican nomination. I am beginning to worry.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Breitbart News reported that eight Syrians were apprehended as they tried to cross the border from Mexico into Texas. It was enough for Texas Governor Greg Abbot to vow to prevent any Syrian refugees from entering into Texas. Donald Trump speculated that the Syrians might be members of ISIS. The attempted infiltration showed the need to build a “big, beautiful wall,” Trump added. People who read “news” article like this are likely to picture eight terrorists trying to sneak into America where they can create carnage like that which happened in Paris. We can almost see eight young Middle Eastern men like those who killed 129 people in France.
Part of any news story is what is omitted. What the Breitbart report omitted is that these eight Syrians were made up of two families, two men, two women, and four children. To say that they were apprehended suggests that they were caught trying to sneak across the border. In fact they were not “caught.” They presented themselves to border agents as they sought asylum in the United States.

Did Breitbart leave these things out because he was ignorant of the facts, or did he deliberately leave them out to distort what really happened? 

Monday, November 2, 2015


About a third of the seats were empty when Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders stopped to give a lunchtime talk to seniors here [Manchester, NH] during a swing through the state.

This is from an article in the Boston Globe. It doesn’t look good for Bernie. A few months ago he drew an audience of 10,000 in Portland, ME.

However, at the same time the Burlington Free Press ran an article under this headline: Overflow crowd lines up to hear Bernie Sanders in N.H. This article was also picked up by USA TODAY.
What are you supposed to believe? While some “news” media purposely distort or even misrepresent news item, as far as I know, The Boston Globe and USA TODAY are pretty straightforward. So which one of these articles is true?

The fact is, both articles are true, but they describe events in a different context. The Globe article tells us that the senator was speaking to a bunch of seniors, but it never specifies more. Presumably it was some kind of senior center in Manchester, NH. In the room where Bernie spoke, a group of seniors were playing cards. They didn’t come to hear a presidential candidate. They came to play cards. The event was part of a two-day swing through New Hampshire. By itself it was not a big deal.

The overflow crowd was in another New Hampshire town, Warner. In Warner, Sanders spoke in the town hall. Evidently it had been talked up more than the event in Manchester had. There was not enough room in the building for everyone to get in. After Bernie spoke to the audience inside the building, he came out and spoke to the overflow crowd. 

So, is Bernie’s support falling, or is it surging? You can’t tell from these articles, especially the Globe article. Except to say that he senator spoke to a group of seniors, it does not say where. One-third of the seats were empty. How many were full? What was the capacity of the room where he spoke? How well was the speech publicized ahead of time? The article says that Bernie "stopped to give a lunchtime talk." The wording suggests that the event might have been impromptu.

The US TODAY article, on the other hand, tells us that the event was in a town hall in a small New Hampshire town (population 2800). Having grown up in a small town in New Hampshire, I know that the town hall could not hold more than a couple of hundred. We do not know how many people the place where Bernie spoke in Manchester could hold.

Before we can draw valid conclusions about these speeches in the Granite State, we need to know more facts than we are given in these two news articles.

Saturday, October 24, 2015


A 14-year old girl in Henrico County, VA, could be charged with assault and battery after she threw a baby carrot at her middle school teacher. School authorities charge that the girl used the baby carrot as a weapon in an assault on the teacher.

Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said if someone tried to assault him with a baby carrot, he would not just stand there and take it. He would urge the miscreant to throw the baby carrot at someone else, Hillary or Donald perhaps.

Congressman Gerald X Pettybone meanwhile urged legislation requiring all baby carrots to be registered with the proper authorities.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


    For the past month or so Donald Trump has surged to the top of the polls for the Republican nomination. It is clear to thinking people that the Donald is terribly unqualified to be President of the United States. He is a racist, a mysoginist, a narcissist, and a bully. He doesn’t have any policy proposals. What he says about issues is clearly off the cuff rather than carefully reasoned. He has insulted many individuals and groups of people. He said that McCain is not a hero, just someone who happened to get captured, even though McCain was captured because his plane was shot down, and he refused to get out of “Hotel Hanoi,” where he had been tortured, when he had a chance. How can anyone think Donald Trump could be President of the United States?
    The secret is: Of course Trump could not be President. However, most of the other Republican candidates are not credible presidential material either. Carly Fiorina laid off tens of thousands when she was CEO of Hewlett-Packard and eventually fired from her job, but at least she didn’t go bankrupt three times, like Trump. Some of the “facts” that she rattled off in the debates weren’t exactly accurate, but at least she prepared for the debates rather than making off-the-cuff remarks. In her campaign for the Senate, she made fun of her opponent’s hair. Jeb Bush may not seem to have a lot of energy or be the brightest bulb in the pack, but at least he seems to be a compassionate, reasonable man. Scott Walker may be the least qualified, but even he wouldn’t be as bad as Trump. Walker has shown more good sense than he usually does by dropping out of the race. Ted Cruz wants to try to shut down the government again, but at least he isn’t calling Mexicans murderers and rapists.

    None of these Republican candidates look very good if you take a careful look at them, but at least you can say of any of them, at least they aren’t as unqualified as Donald Trump.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


For a long time we thought that Scott Walker was pretty dumb, but his latest plan has forced us to change our mind. His proposal to build a wall between the U. S. and Canada is brilliant. It would keep all those Canadians from streaming over to border to take American jobs.

As we think about it, maybe the purpose of the border isn’t to keep Canadians out, but to keep Americans in. Some Americans are thinking about moving to Canada if somehow Donald Trump becomes the next American president. What we want to hear from Gov. Walker is how he plans to make the Canadian government pay for the 3,987 mile wall.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Writing in the Washington Post, Ruth Marcus raises the issue of Joe Biden’s age. If he decides to run for the presidency and is elected, he will be 74 on Inauguration Day. Some people are worried that he will be too old and would vote against him because of his age. Marcus suggests that Biden could counteract that question if he seeks a younger running mate and announces that he will seek just one term.

Of course people have raised the same question about Democratic candidate Carl Perrin. On Election Day the former English professor will be 86. Would he consider promising to serve just one term if he is elected to the presidency? “Don’t be ridiculous,” Perrin answered. “At the beginning of my second term, I will just be 90, too young to be sitting around on a rocking chair, waiting for my turn to play shuffleboard.”

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Republican governors running for the presidency are going out of their way to sew up the teachers’ vote. Chris Cristie of New Jersey would like to punch the teachers’ union in the face, saying, "They’re not for education for our children. They’re for greater membership, greater benefits, greater pay for their members. And they are the single most destructive force in public education in America."

Scott Walker of Wisconsin cut $300 million from the funding for the state university system. Then he gave $250 million in taxpayer funds to build a new stadium for the Milwaukee Bucks. It’s easy to understand his point of view. After all, everyone knows that liberal professors fill their students with progressive claptrap so that they vote for Democrats, Why encourage that sort of thing?

John Kasich of Ohio not only dislikes teachers’ unions. He would like to get rid of teachers’ lounges. "If I were not president, but if I were King of America, I would abolish all teachers’ lounges, where they sit together and worry about 'woe is us.'" He has a point. Since teachers have such an easy life, instead of working on lesson plans and such, they sit around in the lounges all day and plot. That’s where they come up with plans to teach secular humanism and such.

Monday, August 17, 2015


Few except the most gullible believe that Donald Trump is a serious candidate for the presidency. Some skeptics are raising the same question about Democratic candidate Carl Perrin. Perrin insists that he is much more serious about the issues than Trump.

Trump’s bluster and bombast, Perrin says, are all vague, superficial generalities. He wants to build a wall between the U. S. and Mexico and have the Mexican government pay for it! No word about how he going to do this. No details. No specifics. It is obviously never going to happen.

He is going to send all illegal Mexican aliens back to Mexico. There is no thought to how that would disrupt the American economy or how he would find all the millions of illegal aliens or move them back to Mexico. If any news person presses him for particulars, Trump becomes belligerent.

Perrin, on the other hand, has one main issue: cheap beer. It all started when farmers began to plant more corn so that it could be made into ethanol. Land that had previous been planted with barley is now used to grow corn. Since there was less barley for making beer, the price of beer began to go up, making it more expensive for the average American.

Perrin wants to solve this problem by having the government provide price support for barley. It would be good for farmers, good for the economy and good for six-pack Joe. Here is a workable, detailed plan for keeping the price of beer low for working Americans. Perrin is serious about keeping beer affordable for the people of this great country. This is not a position Perrin arrived at in time for a political campaign. Perrin has always been serious about cheap beer. 

Monday, August 10, 2015


Donald Trump has a curious way of making friends. According to him, Mexicans in the U.S. are murderers and rapists. John McCain is not a hero because he was captured. Anyway, McCain is a dummy. President Obama is incompetent. Karl Rove is a loser, as are his opponents in the contest for the Republican nomination.

Trump’s opponents are not just losers, but John Kasich is desperate, Rick Perry needs new glasses, and Lindsay Graham is a stiff. Trump said this as he gave out Graham’s phone number on television. Politicians can be bought. He gave a lot of money to Rand Paul as well as to the Clinton Foundation. Because of that gift, Hillary was forced to come to Donald’s wedding.

Reporters are a dishonest lot. Fox news anchor Chris Wallace is living in a dream world. Debate moderator Megyn Kelly asked him some tough questions because she was having her period. He has called women “fat pigs, slobs, and animals.”

Clearly Trump can charm the socks off anyone. If he keeps going, it won’t take long to alienate everyone who has missed his venom so far. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


The Republicans are worried sick. The Donald is way ahead of all the other Republican candidates. They are hoping that before the primaries Republican voters will see through Trump’s clownish behavior and nominate a more appropriate candidate for the presidency. There is still a big worry on the horizon. If Trump isn’t nominated, he may wage a campaign as a third-party candidate. He doesn’t have much chance of winning in such a role, but he would draw voters away from the more reasonable Republican candidate and throw the election to the Democratic nominee.

Democrats are not exactly cheering, though. It seems that they have a possible spoiler in their ranks. Former candidate Carl Perrin has not attracted much attention in the current race, but things could change. In 2008 he was denied the Democratic nomination, so he mounted a campaign as a Family Values candidate, based on the fact that he had been married three times. His running mate was Rosie Thibodeau, a single mom from Madawaska, ME. Although they lost the election, they ran a spirited campaign. If Perrin runs as a third-party candidate again, it would throw a monkey wrench into the Democratic establishment campaign.

Friday, July 17, 2015


Just a few weeks ago it would have been unthinkable. The Donald has risen to the top of the Republican race for the presidential nomination. At the same time Hillary keeps losing ground. The vast majority of the electorate does not trust her. Bernie is speaking to large numbers and raising millions in campaign donations. He is looking better all the time. And yet many thoughtful people say that Bernie is too extreme, that he is unelectable.

Is it possible? Could Trump actually win the Republican nomination and then go against a weakened Democrat, Clinton or Sanders? Could Trump actually be elected president of the United States? OMG!

It really is unthinkable, but what if it does happen? New Jersey senior citizen Carl Perrin has his answer. A few years ago he learned that when he was born, his parents were still Canadian citizens. If the unthinkable happens, could he claim dual citizenship? Could he move to Canada

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Pollster John Zogby says that Hillary’s campaign is “in trouble… She is frankly sinking like a rock.” Bernie Sanders, according to Zogby, is just an alternative to Hillary. “He is a progressive with flash and bones, but essentially he’s not a very appealing person.”

Sooner or later, the pollster says, somebody else will jump into the race, someone who can electrify the base of the party, possibly Joe Biden or John Kerry. A third name that Zogby didn’t mention is Carl Perrin. Could he be the one? For the time Perrin is not commenting.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Maine Governor Paul LePage endorsed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in his campaign for the Republican nomination for president. Christie is not exactly known for his good manners, but beside the crude LePage, Christie seems like a courtly gentleman. One writer described the men as two peas in a pod.

Christie could not be elected in his own state. His approval rating is only 30 percent. LePage’s approval rating is only 43 percent. He was reelected by having a plurality in a three-man race. So an endorsement by Paul LePage is not going to help Christie. It would be like Dick Cheney endorsing a prominent Democrat. If by chance Christie   is nominated (heaven forbid!), he would lose in both New Jersey and Maine.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


After President Obama sang “Amazing Grace” during his eulogy to the victims of the Charleston shooting, Senator Ted Cruz decided to sing during a campaign stop in Iowa. During his speech the senator broke into “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

As he sang, his voiced cracked, and his eyes welled up with tears. The song was followed by 30 seconds of awkward silence. According to sources, Cruz was moved to tears by the Supreme Court’s decision to make gay marriage legal throughout the country.

A spokesperson for the senator denied the allegation that Cruz knew his political career was on the rocks, and he wanted to showboat his talent as a singer. However, if there are any talent agents out there who are interested, they can get in touch with Cruz through his campaign headquarters.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Ted Cruz is a really funny guy. While Joe Biden was mourning the death of his son, Cruz chose to make a joke about the Vice President. Now, just days after a racist shot nine black people in a church in Charleston, South Carolina, Cruz was in Iowa making jokes about gun control.

What is wrong with that guy? He has the sensitivity of a cockroach.

Friday, June 19, 2015


I used to worry about a lot of stuff, but now my worries are over, thanks to two surprising sources.

  1. North Korea has discovered the cure for MERS, Ebola, SARS and AIDS. North Korea gets a bad rap, but if they can cures disease like those, they must be doing something right.
  2. Good jobs have been hard to find for a while, but now Donald Trump tells us that he will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created. Wow! It’s hard to beat that.

Anyway it looks as though Trump and North Korea have a future. Clearly together they will be able to solve all the problems of the world.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Who is the worst governor in the United States? That’s a tough question. There are so many from which to choose. For example, college-dropout Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Walker is cutting $300 million from the state university system. This is popular with some conservatives because they think universities are full of liberal professors who do not prepare their students for the workplace. Such a severe cut is bound to do irreparable damage to Wisconsin universities. Evidently Walker is more concerned with appealing to Republican voters in the presidential election than in Wisconsin’s college students.

Is Scott Walker the worst governor? Don’t be too quick to judge. We have other nominees. For example, Florida Governor Rick Scott. The governor is feuding with the state legislature and the federal government. If the state does not sign up for expanded Medicaid, it will lose $50 billion from the federal government over the next decade. The legislature and the state’s hospitals want to get the money. Governor Scott’s response is to sue President Obama.

Maine Governor Paul LePage is a special case. He doesn’t just want to eliminate state income taxes in Maine; he wants to pass a constitutional amendment making state income taxes illegal. An amendment to the constitution requires approval of two thirds of the state legislature and a majority of the voters. Democratic legislators oppose the measure. If the legislature doesn’t approve it by the required two-thirds, LePage will veto any Democratic bill that passes the legislature. The merit of the bill makes no difference. If the legislature doesn’t go along with him, he will veto all Democratic bills. Something here is clearly out of proportion.

And finally, Governor Sam Brownback of Kansas. When Brownback first became governor, he pushed through some major income tax cuts, so much so that now the state has trouble paying its bills. Without a tax increase, the state will be forced to lay off prison guards, cut aid to schools, and reduce payments to health care providers and nursing homes. Brownback doesn’t want to raise taxes. The state budget for the next fiscal year includes a $400 million dollar deficit. The Kansas constitution requires the budget to be balanced. Nevertheless, rather than raise taxes, Brownback went ahead and signed the bill. It is sure to be appealed to the state supreme court. If the court rules against him, Brownback has threatened to eliminate the court by defunding it.

To eliminate one of the three branches of a democratic government undermines the very idea of democracy. He was irresponsible in eliminating taxes needed to run the state of Kansas. To further the damage by trying to dismantle the democratic form of government is unthinkable.

Based on what we have seen so far, Sam Brownback seems the very worst of a bad lot. Maybe you can think of some other governors who deserve to be added to our Rogues Gallery.

Saturday, June 6, 2015


At last count there were 57 candidates running for the Republican nomination, but just a handful of Democrats. The RNC is thinking of renting a large hall just for the candidates so that all of them can get into the debate. There won’t be enough room for an audience, so they will have to televise the show. Most of the possible Democratic runners seem to be afraid that they have no chance against Hillary. Lincoln Chafee just threw his hat into the Democratic ring. He was a Republican until he became an independent, but he has turned into a Democrat for the race. Word on the street has it that he was going to call himself a Socialist until he found out that Bernie Sanders had already done that.

Where is Carl Perrin in all this? He has not been pursuing a very aggressive campaign, but lately Ben Carson’s example has been inspiring Perrin. In the 16 months since Carson began making presidential sounds, he and his wife have earned between $8.9 million and $27 million. All this comes from speeches, books, and corporate boards. This sounds pretty good to Perrin. As an English professor he is used to making speeches.  His lecture on some of the finer points of grammar should go over big. He already has the books, including one made up of excerpts from his blog on his 2008 campaign: My Run for the White House or How I Tried to Save Cheap Beer for America. He wouldn’t mind sitting on some corporate boards. All he would have to do is sit there and look wise. He’d be good at that.

The main reason Perrin is running is to get the money. If he could make a pile of dough without going to Washington, that would be okay with him.

Thursday, May 28, 2015


 At last count there were 73 candidates for the presidency, and that’s just the Republicans. Every day two or three more GOP candidates throw their hats into the ring. Just a few days ago Lindsay Graham said he wanted to be considered. Then it was Rick Santorum. At least he said he was Santorum, but without his trademark sweater vest, we couldn’t be sure. Now George Pataki stated that he was going to announce soon. Where will it all end?

At this point only one candidate, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, has announced that he is a candidate for the Democratic nomination. Is Hillary going to run, or is she too busy fighting off attacks to put her effort into a political campaign?

And what about Carl Perrin? Is he ever going to stop dithering and starting campaigning for the White House? Actually he is. He recognizes the weakness in his 2008 effort to win the Democratic nomination. Clearly it was not his qualifications. He was and remains one of the most qualified candidates in the race. Perrin’s weakness was in fund raising. While the other candidates were raising tens of millions of dollars for their campaigns, Perrin was dependent primarily on Maine supporters who were cashing in cans and bottles for his campaign fund.

That is about to change. He is going to publish excerpts from his campaign blog My Run for the White House or How I Tried to Save Cheap Beer for America. Just as the electioneering gets hot and heavy, this notable work will be available as a kindle book. The revenue from book sales will be more than enough to compete with the $$$ contributed to other candidates by millionaires.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


One of the nice things about Jeb Bush is that he is not his brother. But he recently said that George did the right thing in invading Iraq. At least he is consistent in his support for the Common Core in education. Governors Bobby Jindal, Chris Cristie, and Scott Walker all have backed away from their support of the Common Core. Walker also flipped away from his position on immigration reform. Senator Marco Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants, has also come out on both sides of the immigration issue. Senator Rand Paul is another who has been on both sides of the immigration question. He also changed his mind about whether a nuclear armed Iran is a threat to security. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry a year ago demanded that Congress reauthorize the Export-Import Bank. Now he is opposed to it. 

At least Texas Senator Ted Cruz has been consistent. He has been convinced all along that Operation Jade Helm 15 is a thinly disguised plot for the federal government to take over Texas.

Sunday, May 10, 2015


It seems that Hillary isn’t the only candidate with problems relating to email. Democratic candidate Carl Perrin has a half a dozen email addresses. Why does one person need so many identities on the internet? He has two yahoo addresses, an aol address, a hotmail address, etc., etc., etc.

When he left aol as his internet service provider, he thought he could no longer use his aol address. When he started his Grammar Doctor website, he opened an address solely for people to email that site. When he went to Optonline for his internet service, they gave him another email address. When he started this blog on Google Blogger, he thought he needed a gmail address for that.

It sounds pretty complicated, just a little too complicated, like some kind of strange plot. We can’t help but wonder if he uses some of his email addresses for some kind of secret stuff that he doesn’t want people to know about.

If he wants to run for the presidency, he ought to come clean with the American public about why he has so many email addresses.   

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Jade Helm 15

Texas Governor Greg Allen has ordered the State Guard to monitor operation Jade Helm 15, an exercise of various military Special Forces that will take place in the Southwest, including Texas over the summer. Texas Senator Ted Cruz said in effect that you can’t trust the federal government because it has lied to us so often. Some might laugh at these men and other “conspiracy nuts,” but when a noted intellectual like Chuck Norris adds his voice to the chorus of people who fear that it is all a plot to take over Texas, you have to wonder.

“The US government says, ‘It’s just a training exercise’ but I’m not sure the term ‘just’ has any reference to reality when the government uses it,” Norris said. Indeed!

How would this nefarious plot work out? What would the federal government do? Send in a bunch of Northern liberals to preach to the “real” Texans? Fill the schools with the common core curriculum?

They wouldn’t go that far, would they? 

Sunday, May 3, 2015


This summer about 1200 special operations military personnel, including green berets and Navy Seals, will be participating in a training operation in the Southwest. The operation, called Jade Helm 15, has Texas Governor Greg Allen worried. He is so worried that he has asked the State Guard to monitor the exercise so "that Texans know their safety, constitutional rights, private property rights and civil liberties will not be infringed."

It is clear to some people that the exercise is nothing more than a cover for the implementation of martial law. Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones says, "I've hardly ever heard of something joint like this unless they're planning an invasion."

A blog called Freedom Fighters Reports linked the exercise to leaked DOJ memo "calling for an all out gun confiscation and outlawing of firearms." It went on to list various gun control initiatives, including buybacks and background checks.

An unnamed “Texas Ranger,” claimed that there were "trains moving throughout Texas that have shackles inside some of the cars" ahead of the training exercise. He speculated that those trains would be used to transport political prisoners.

WalMart is in on it. The huge retailer recently closed five stores, including one in Texas, without warning. All News Pipeline connected the store closings to Jade Helm 15, claiming that the stores would "be used as 'food distribution centers' and to house the headquarters of invading troops from China, here to disarm Americans one by one."

It’s all very clear to Before It’s News Website. Enemies will hack into banks, causing a financial collapse. This will allow the military to implement martial law.
Former GOP member of the Texas legislator Todd Smith complained about the governor’s “willingness to pander to idiots.” But Texas Senator Ted Cruz supported the governor, saying, “I have a great deal of faith and confidence in Governor Abbott. He is a long-time friend and mentor of mine.”

In a speech in South Carolina, Cruz said, “Just because you’re paranoid … doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.”

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Republican presidential hopefuls are falling all over themselves in trying to court conservative Christians in Iowa. Ted Cruz said, there is, “no room for Christians in today's Democratic party,” and added, “There is a liberal fascism that is dedicated to going after believing Christians who follow the biblical teaching on marriage."

Mike Huckabee told a group of conservative preachers that, "We are moving rapidly toward the criminalization of Christianity.”

Noting that bills that both Indiana and Arkansas backed off of “protecting religious liberty” when several large corporations protested that the laws would in fact allow discrimination against gays and lesbians , Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said, "We've got legislation in Louisiana to protect people of faith and of conscience. Corporate America is not going to bully the governor of Louisiana."

Of course the First Prize for nutcase goes to former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, who assured us that the Rapture was coming because of Obama’s deal with Iran and marriage equality.

All of these nutcases made us wonder about Carl Perrin. We presented the question to Perrin’s former campaign manager, Aristotle Mongoose: “Is Perrin too sane to be a candidate for the presidency?

Mongoose closed the news conference. “Let me get back to you on that,” he said.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


The rapture is coming, thanks to Barack Obama. Don’t take my word for it. This comes from Michele Bachmann. The former congresswoman and presidential candidate said we can see the destruction coming, and it’s caused by Obama’s policies on Iran’s nuclear program. Not only that, but on marriage equality. Wow! I didn’t realize that until I read Ms Bachmann’s words. What a revelation!
It gets worse: Obama’s number one goal is to ensure that Iran has a nuclear weapon, Bachmann tells us. Of course! It all becomes clear. I’m surprised that I didn’t see it before. All this stuff about Obama Care and getting Congress to approve his attorney general nominee or even trying to get Congress to do its job has just been a cover up. All the while he must have been working behind the scenes to help Iran get the bomb.
We heard from a “reliable source” that some of the extremists who are vying for the Republican nomination for president have been urging Bachmann to make her views on these issues known. The reason, we are told, is that by comparison it will make them sound almost sane. This is what we heard, but of course don’t believe it.
Not only is Obama's number one goal to ensure that Iran gets a nuclear weapon, but he is an unmitigated socialist. We know that because Ted Cruz said it.

Friday, April 10, 2015


Huge numbers of supporters reacted with shock when Carl Perrin withdrew from the presidential race. “Four or five people have urged me to back in the race,” Perrin told our reporter.

“It’s at least six,” his wife Janet corrected him. “Don’t forget your cousin Tom.”

Since Perrin announced his withdrawal, two Tea Party favorites, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, have announced their candidacy. Marc Rubio is set to throw his hat in the ring, and Hillary is getting ready to make it official. For a long time she has been the only Democrat with enough power to challenge the Republicans. And now she is dropping in the polls when matched against possible Republican candidates. Perrin supporters have been urging him to enter the contest so that Democrats will have a choice. “Don’t let Hillary take it without a fight,” they keep saying.  

To the great joy of those who want to see a sane and reasonable person in the White House, Dr. Carl Perrin has formed an exploratory committee to consider whether he has a chance to win against all those professional politicians. You can support his candidacy by contributing to his PayPal account.

Monday, April 6, 2015

After Indiana Republicans passed a license to discriminate law, a restaurant called Memories Pizza in the Hoosier town of Walkerton stepped up last week to make sure potential customers knew its religious rules: “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Certification of Heterosexuality, No Service.”

It seems pretty clear cut. Former presidential candidate Carl Perrin spent some time in Indiana. He was stationed there in the army and he went to graduate school at Indiana University. He has no plans to return to the Hoosier State, but he wonders, would he get served now if he ordered a slice at Memory Pizza? The shoes and shirt would be no problem, but where do you get a certificate of heterosexuality? He has been married three times, each time to a woman. Would that be enough, or would he have to get official certificate some place? Would the Memory Pizza people take his word for it that he is 100 percent heterosexual, or would he have to offer some proof, like making a pass at a female employee? If people are going to make rules about things like certificates of heterosexuality, they should make it clear how one get such a certificate.

Please do not take this as a criticism of the right of people to defend their religious beliefs. If I remember correctly, one of the Ten Commandments is “Thou shalt not sell pizza to homosexuals.”

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Is Hillary Clinton’s nomination as the Democratic candidate for the presidency a foregone conclusion? We certainly don’t hear much about other candidates. Let’s look at some who have been mentioned but have not received much attention.

Jerry Brown. Are you kidding? Didn’t he try that that several decades ago? Four decades ago he was called “Moonbeam.” That should tell you something.

Bill De Blasio? He couldn’t even get elected in New York City.

Eric Holder? A good man, but he has low approval rating.

Rahm Emanuel? Another Obama alumnus, he has the same problem as Holder.

Joe Biden? Does anyone take him seriously?

Brian Schweitzer? Raise your hand if you know who he is. I thought so.

Elizabeth Warren? A lot of people would like to see her run, but she has said, No. No. No.

Carl Perrin? We asked Perrin directly if he is in the running. There is a man who is highly qualified to serve as President of the United States. Therefore we were flabbergasted with his answer when we asked him when he was going to announce his candidacy.

“Everything is such a mess in politics,” he said, “that I don’t want to get in involved in it this time. Maybe in 2020 I will see things differently.”

When we got over our surprise, we asked the retired English professor, “Are you saying, like General Sherman, that if you are nominated, you will not run. If you are elected, you will not serve?”

“No comment,” Perrin replied.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Ted Cruz was born in Canada. He claims he is still eligible to be President of the United States because his parents were American citizens at the time of his birth. They were in Canada because his father was working there.

Here is the real shocker: Carl Perrin may not be a natural-born American. It was recently learned that at the time that Perrin was born in the United States, his parents were still Canadian citizens. If Cruz is an American because of his parents' citizenship, then maybe...?

If Perrin runs for the presidency of the U.S. again, surely some of his opponents are going to bring up the question of his nationality. As one of his detractors said, "If he wants to run for office, let him run for Prime Minister of Canada."

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hilary Clinton “remembers” coming under fire as she climbed out of a helicopter in Bosnia. Brian Williams “remembers” being in a helicopter that was fired on in Afghanistan. Bill O’Reilly recently claimed that he had covered the Falkland War in a combat zone. A colleague said that, rather than a “combat zone,” it was an “expense account zone.”
A lot of people didn’t trust Hilary or anyone connected with the lame stream media, but a new revelation comes as a huge shock. It turns out that Carl Perrin, beloved publisher of Leisure Times, has his own story that doesn’t quite add up.
Perrin, as you may know, was in the army during the Korean War. From time to time he tells about crawling through the mud while machine guns fired overhead. According to his story, he crawled over logs and under barbed wire while explosions erupted all around him.

It all sounds scary, but recently we learned that although he was in the army during the Korean War, he never came within thousands of miles of Korea. Perrin insisted that the story was true. “I never said it was in combat,” he protested. “It was the obstacle course in basic training.”

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Republican National Committee attacked the Advanced Placement U S History test, stating that it “deliberately distorts and/or edits out important historical events.”

Oklahoma legislator Dan Fisher introduced a bill to stop funding for the AP U S History courses in Oklahoma schools.  Fisher claimed that the course emphasized “what was bad about America” and completely ignored the country’s “exceptionalism.”

 Fisher is part of a group called the “Black Robe Regiment” which argues “the church and God himself has been under assault, marginalized, and diminished by the progressives and secularists.” The group attacks the “false wall of separation of church and state.” The Black Robe Regiment claims that a “growing tide of special interest groups indoctrinate our youth at the exclusion of the Christian perspective.

Conservative school board members in Colorado want to make the Advanced Placement U.S. History course “more patriotic.” The board believes that Colorado “students should only be taught lessons depicting American heritage in a positive light, and effectively ban any material that could lead to dissent.”

In South Carolina conservatives asked the College Board to exclude any material with an “ideological bias,” including evolution. 

A spokesman for the RNC said, “We don’t want student to get too many facts or start thinking for themselves too much. Once they go to college and get “educated” by those pointy-headed liberal professors, they start voting for liberals.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


That seems to be the attitude of politicians running for office. “Vote for me, but don’t ask me what I think.”

Democrats Michelle Nunn running for the U S Senate in Georgia and Alison Lundgren Grimes running for the Senate in Kentucky both declined to say whether they had voted for Obama, the Democratic president. Were they ashamed of having voted for the head of their own party in a presidential election?

Two Republican governors, both possible candidates for the White House in 2016, declined to say whether they believe in evolution. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal declined to answer, saying, "The reality is I'm not an evolutionary biologist.”

When Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was asked if he believed in evolution, he answered, “For me, I am going to punt on that one as well. That's a question politicians shouldn't be involved in one way or another. I am going to leave that up to you. I'm here to talk about trade, not to pontificate about evolution."
Both governors want to appeal to those who don’t believe in science.  Walker dealt another blow to education in his proposed budget for the state, which calls for a 13 percent cut in state aid across the university system, for a total decrease of $300 million over the next two years.
Anyway many conservatives believe that state universities have become elite bastions of liberal academics that do not prepare students for work and are a burden on taxpayers.

Unlike these craven professional politicians, possible candidate Dr. Carl Perrin, admits freely that he voted for Obama twice, and he believes in evolution. His stand on beer remains constant: He wants to be sure that Americans will always be able to afford a six-pack of cheap beer.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

BABYLON IS FALLEN has been published through Create Space.

It is available at

as a kindle book


a paperback book

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


As new Republican candidates crawl out of the woodwork every day, the Democrats are solidly behind Hilary. Sure, some people want Elizabeth Warren, but Elizabeth says, no. Joe Biden says he is considering a run, but no one is saying, “Run, Joe, run!”

The scarcity of the Democratic field makes political insiders think about Carl Perrin. Although he sat out the 2012 election, he was a strong candidate in 2008. “We just didn’t have the campaign financing,” Perrin said. “While other candidates were collecting big bucks from millionaires, my campaign was financed mostly from people in Maine cashing in returnable cans and bottles. Even so, we lost in Maine.”

We asked the former English professor if he is considering another run for the White House. “I haven’t formed an exploratory committee or anything like that, but I have been talking to a few folks.”

Friday, January 23, 2015

Babylon is fallen

    Hank Snyder feels ill. He walks toward the restroom but collapses before he gets there. Two days later he is dead. Doctors do not know what caused his death. Suddenly throughout Hamilton, NH, people are dying from the mysterious illness.
Essential services break down. Stores are looted and schools are closed. Police and fire protection cease to exist. Local units of the National Guard, under the leadership of Alan Ramsey, step in to restore order.
    Ramsey is a dictator. He maintains control through harsh punishment of anyone who opposes him. A family that hoarded food is thrown in jail and not given anything to eat. When the editor of the local paper writes an editorial opposing Ramsey, he is thrown in jail and beaten.

    Jordan Collins and Eleanor Kaufman flee Hamilton. Just outside of town they come across a group that is preparing to attack Hamilton and wrest control from Alan Ramsey. Can they do it before more people die?

Carl Perrin's new book, Babylon is Fallen will be out soon as a kindle and as a paperback book. 

For more details and information, go to