Tuesday, March 6, 2012

from Elmurst Community Theatre

I started to walk past a door that was slightly ajar. As I got to the door, a hand reached out and pulled me inside. I was so surprised that I almost spilled the drink.

It was Leila. She closed the door, fastened her mouth on mine, and reached for my crotch. In no time at all, she had unfastened my belt, unzipped my fly, and pushed my pants down to my thighs.

We were in the den. We moved toward a couch and fell down on it. I reached under her skirt, pulled her panties off, and threw them on the floor. “Praise the Lord!” she said when I plunged into her. We were not in a comfortable position. We both had one leg on the couch and one on the floor, but we didn’t let a little thing like discomfort stop us. We went at it like two beasts in heat—
--until we heard someone shouting outside.

It was a male voice shouting, “You son of a bitch! You’ve been fooling around with my wife! I know what’s been going on.”

“Oh dear Lord,” Leila said. “It’s Chester! It’s my

The voice from outside yelled, “Let me tell you, you’re going to regret the day you decided to try something with my wife!”

Then we heard a chorus of voices yelling, “No! Don’t do that! No, Chester! Chester, don’t!”

The next thing we heard was a gunshot, followed by voices saying, “Oh! Oh my god! Oh, no!” Then there was another gunshot.

I ran out the back door into the woods, pulling my pants up as I ran.

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