Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Is Hillary Clinton’s nomination as the Democratic candidate for the presidency a foregone conclusion? We certainly don’t hear much about other candidates. Let’s look at some who have been mentioned but have not received much attention.

Jerry Brown. Are you kidding? Didn’t he try that that several decades ago? Four decades ago he was called “Moonbeam.” That should tell you something.

Bill De Blasio? He couldn’t even get elected in New York City.

Eric Holder? A good man, but he has low approval rating.

Rahm Emanuel? Another Obama alumnus, he has the same problem as Holder.

Joe Biden? Does anyone take him seriously?

Brian Schweitzer? Raise your hand if you know who he is. I thought so.

Elizabeth Warren? A lot of people would like to see her run, but she has said, No. No. No.

Carl Perrin? We asked Perrin directly if he is in the running. There is a man who is highly qualified to serve as President of the United States. Therefore we were flabbergasted with his answer when we asked him when he was going to announce his candidacy.

“Everything is such a mess in politics,” he said, “that I don’t want to get in involved in it this time. Maybe in 2020 I will see things differently.”

When we got over our surprise, we asked the retired English professor, “Are you saying, like General Sherman, that if you are nominated, you will not run. If you are elected, you will not serve?”

“No comment,” Perrin replied.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Ted Cruz was born in Canada. He claims he is still eligible to be President of the United States because his parents were American citizens at the time of his birth. They were in Canada because his father was working there.

Here is the real shocker: Carl Perrin may not be a natural-born American. It was recently learned that at the time that Perrin was born in the United States, his parents were still Canadian citizens. If Cruz is an American because of his parents' citizenship, then maybe...?

If Perrin runs for the presidency of the U.S. again, surely some of his opponents are going to bring up the question of his nationality. As one of his detractors said, "If he wants to run for office, let him run for Prime Minister of Canada."