Friday, July 13, 2007



There is general agreement among Carl Perrin’s friends and family that he is the best qualified among the dozens of candidates, both Democrat and Republican, for the presidency. Once he starts raising more money and getting his name out, the voters will recognize this and vote him in.

Because Perrin is getting better known every day, people are beginning to ask where he stands on the issues. Perrin is a serious candidate and knows people have these questions, so he is sharing his view on one major issue in this blog.

While Perrin is all for corn being used for the production of ethanol to cut down on the burning of fossil fuels and decreasing our dependency on foreign oil, he does not think this should be done at the expense of growing less barley. Malt is made from barley, and beer is made from malt. When farmers stop growing barley because corn is more profitable, there is less malt for making beer, and the price of beer has been going up steadily in the last year.

The Declaration of Independence, which we recently celebrated, cited certain “inalienable rights,” among which was the “pursuit of happiness.” If the price of beer makes it prohibitive to the average American, a lot of people ain’t gonna be happy.

We must do something now. Candidate Perrin calls for government crop supports for barley. There needs to be an incentive for farmers to grow enough barley to keep the price of beer from rising any further.

You will not see Perrin waffling on an important issue like this. When it comes to keeping cheap beer available, Perrin tells it like it is.

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