Wednesday, July 4, 2007


A kindergarten student in Rhode Island was suspended for 10 days for bringing a butter knife to school to cut cookies. This was part of the school’s zero tolerance policy against bringing knives to school.

A 10-year old boy with epilepsy was suspended after he brought anti-seizure medication to school. Another child was suspended after he gave his cousin a cold pill for which they both had a prescription.

A few years ago a kindergartener was suspended when he came to school on Halloween wearing a fireman costume and carrying a play axe because the school said the axe was a weapon. Well, it could be used as a weapon, but so could a ball point pen.

We reported on this blog the case of an honor girl who terrorized her middle school by wearing Tigger Sox to school.

We just wonder when school will start applying zero tolerance policies to stupidity.

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