Wednesday, July 29, 2015


The Republicans are worried sick. The Donald is way ahead of all the other Republican candidates. They are hoping that before the primaries Republican voters will see through Trump’s clownish behavior and nominate a more appropriate candidate for the presidency. There is still a big worry on the horizon. If Trump isn’t nominated, he may wage a campaign as a third-party candidate. He doesn’t have much chance of winning in such a role, but he would draw voters away from the more reasonable Republican candidate and throw the election to the Democratic nominee.

Democrats are not exactly cheering, though. It seems that they have a possible spoiler in their ranks. Former candidate Carl Perrin has not attracted much attention in the current race, but things could change. In 2008 he was denied the Democratic nomination, so he mounted a campaign as a Family Values candidate, based on the fact that he had been married three times. His running mate was Rosie Thibodeau, a single mom from Madawaska, ME. Although they lost the election, they ran a spirited campaign. If Perrin runs as a third-party candidate again, it would throw a monkey wrench into the Democratic establishment campaign.

Friday, July 17, 2015


Just a few weeks ago it would have been unthinkable. The Donald has risen to the top of the Republican race for the presidential nomination. At the same time Hillary keeps losing ground. The vast majority of the electorate does not trust her. Bernie is speaking to large numbers and raising millions in campaign donations. He is looking better all the time. And yet many thoughtful people say that Bernie is too extreme, that he is unelectable.

Is it possible? Could Trump actually win the Republican nomination and then go against a weakened Democrat, Clinton or Sanders? Could Trump actually be elected president of the United States? OMG!

It really is unthinkable, but what if it does happen? New Jersey senior citizen Carl Perrin has his answer. A few years ago he learned that when he was born, his parents were still Canadian citizens. If the unthinkable happens, could he claim dual citizenship? Could he move to Canada

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Pollster John Zogby says that Hillary’s campaign is “in trouble… She is frankly sinking like a rock.” Bernie Sanders, according to Zogby, is just an alternative to Hillary. “He is a progressive with flash and bones, but essentially he’s not a very appealing person.”

Sooner or later, the pollster says, somebody else will jump into the race, someone who can electrify the base of the party, possibly Joe Biden or John Kerry. A third name that Zogby didn’t mention is Carl Perrin. Could he be the one? For the time Perrin is not commenting.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Maine Governor Paul LePage endorsed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in his campaign for the Republican nomination for president. Christie is not exactly known for his good manners, but beside the crude LePage, Christie seems like a courtly gentleman. One writer described the men as two peas in a pod.

Christie could not be elected in his own state. His approval rating is only 30 percent. LePage’s approval rating is only 43 percent. He was reelected by having a plurality in a three-man race. So an endorsement by Paul LePage is not going to help Christie. It would be like Dick Cheney endorsing a prominent Democrat. If by chance Christie   is nominated (heaven forbid!), he would lose in both New Jersey and Maine.