Saturday, July 21, 2007



No, not John Kerry. We’re talking about that other Massachusetts flip-flopper, Mitt Romney. John McCain’s campaign is running out of steam, and we don’t know what to expect from Rudy Guiliani. But we do know what to expect from former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney: We can expect him to flip flop on issues. You remember Romney, the man who described himself as a life-long hunter, when it turned out that in his long life he had been on only two hunting trips.

It turns out that the secret of his success so far has been to flip flop on everything. In Massachusetts he presented himself as a moderate. Now he is trying to woo conservative voters by claiming to be a conservative. In 1994, while running for the U. S. Senate, he was pro-abortion, pro-homosexual rights. He said, “We seek to establish full equality for America’s gay and lesbian citizens.” Now he is anti-abortion and a strong advocate of traditional marriage. He is against adding sexual orientation to nondiscrimination laws. He has come out firmly on both sides of every issue from crop subsidies to immigration to Iraq to campaign financing to Guantanamo.

Our favorite candidate, Dr. Carl Perrin, was born in Massachusetts, but he is no flip-flopper. Perrin has always been in favor of cheap beer, American-brewed cheap beer. He is in favor of crop supports for barley to keep the price of beer affordable to every American. A vote for Perrin is a vote for cheap beer.

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asper said...

Here's what Romney believes as his church dictates:
The American Indians are the descendents of the ten lost tribes of Israel.

When they came to this world at the time of the diaspora, they found horses here. Evidently the Spanish conquistadors didn't really bring them in the 1600's.

Although he is willing to obey the law, he believes as all good Mormons do and many still practice, that the Lord intended men to have more than one wife whose mission in life is to bear children and care for them.

The second coming is imminent and will take place in Missouri, a site where the Mormons suffered a great deal.