Monday, July 30, 2007



It comes as no surprise to Democratic candidate Dr. Carl Perrin that front-runners Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are sniping at each other. Nor is he surprised that the pot shots are becoming increasingly nasty. Obama called Clinton “Bush-Cheney lite.” Whoa! That’s pretty vicious. Hillary shot back with, “Whatever happened to the politics of hope?” Take that, Barack!

Since the Democratic debate on July 23 the two candidates have been attacking each other. In response to the question about whether the candidates would meet with the leaders of unfriendly nations such as Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Syria, and Iran, Obama said yes, while Clinton said no. The next day Clinton called Obama’s response “irresponsible and na├»ve.” Obama came back by citing Clinton’s vote to authorize Bush’s war in Iraq. He also noted that Clinton had criticized Bush for not talking with some of those same leaders. And so it goes.

Dr. Perrin expects the feud between the two to become more bitter in the coming months. The caustic statements about each other are bound to turn voters off and push Obama and Clinton to the sidelines. This will leave room for a nice guy like Carl Perrin to move up and take his rightful place at the head of the pack.

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