Monday, July 2, 2007



New York mayor Mike Bloomberg has been a Democrat and a Republican, and now he announces he is an Independent. Can’t the guy make up his mind? He went to California to make his announcement. Why couldn’t he have declared his change of party back in old New York? People naturally began to speculate that the mayor is planning to run for the presidency. With only 47 people running for that office now, there seems to be plenty of room for another candidate. When reporters asked him if he was going to for that high office, he said he plans to serve out his term as mayor of New York City. What about Bloomberg and California governor Arnold Schwartzenegger running together at the head of an Independent Party? Bloomberg answered that he “had no plans” to run. Yeah, right.

As expected, pundits around the country began to talk about a Perrin/Bloomberg ticket. Reporters went to Perrin for President headquarters to ask the candidate if he would consider running as a vice presidential candidate in an Independent Party. Perrin was having his afternoon nap, so he could not be interrupted to talk to the press. However, a spokesperson said that Perrin is a life-long Democrat. Unlike Bloomberg, who changes parties as often as some people change their socks, Perrin is not going to shift parties for some kind of political opportunity. Further, he is a candidate for the presidency, and he will not consider running as vice president. Anyway, why should he even think about running as an Independent? He is sure to win the Democratic nomination.

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