Thursday, July 5, 2007



Several Republican candidates for the presidency have revealed their fund-raising numbers for the second quarter. Rudy Guiliani leads this race with $17 million. Mitt Romney is next with $14 million.

The Republicans are trailing Democrats in fund raising. The top three Republicans (Guiliani, Romney, and McCain) raised a total of $49 million in the second quarter. That compares with $69 million for the top three Democrats (Obama, Clinton, and Edwards). The top Democratic fund raiser, Barack Obama, raised nearly twice as much money as Guiliani, $32.5 million to $17 million.

The really big news here, though, is that John McCain is really hurting. His campaign collected much less than expected, less even than he raised during the first quarter. He has only $2 million in the bank to fund his campaign. Because of this, he is going to skip the influential Iowa straw poll, and he is cutting his campaign staff way back, from 120 to 40.

Democratic candidate Dr Carl Perrin of course collected even less campaign money than McCain, but Perrin is still in good shape. He wasn’t planning to enter the Iowa race anyway, and he won’t have to cut back on his campaign staff because he doesn’t have one. Incredible as it seems, Perrin is running his own campaign, answering the phone, writing campaign literature, and all that stuff.

Of course Perrin has a lot of volunteers working for him. He said he doesn’t need campaign headquarters all around the country because he has lived in a lot of different states and has contacts who will be ready to help him when the time comes. He’s especially strong in Ocean County, New Jersey, and in Maine, where volunteers are collecting returnable bottles to help finance his campaign.


asper said...

Mc Cain thinks the Civil War in Iraq is winnable by us. Just whose side are we on anyway. the Sunnis or the Shia's?
Romney thinks the second coming is imminent and will take place in Missouri.
Obama and Edwards are both bright and articulate but they haven't had enough experience to have learned anything yet.
Hilary has been involved in controversy in everything she has ever been involved in from White Water to missing papers in the White House.
Giuliani did a ho hum job as mayor of New York. Plus he has no national experience.
Unlike Giuliani, Bloomberg has doen a good job and if he runs for president, he gets my vote.
If Bloomberg doesn't run
My vote goes to Perrin. I intend to write him in.

Albert Payne said...

Senator J. McCain's fund raising campaign may soon be back on track.
Having learned that candidate Carl Perrin has bolstered his funding program with the assistance of his wife Janet's art sales; Senator McCain, it is strongly rumored, is about to petition Granny's Kitchen for permission to display and sell his wife's art work as well.
Good Luck John.

grammaticus1 said...

The Perrin campaign isn't worried. Only members of the Village Art League can hang their paintings in Granny's Restaurant/Art Gallery.

Janet Perrin will be selling more and more of her art work,pushing Perrin's campaign fund way up.