Thursday, July 12, 2007



John Edwards came in third among the leading Democratic candidates in money raising for the second quarter of this year. He pointed out that the amount of money raised was not what determined who would represent the Democrats in the next presidential race. Three years ago Howard Dean raised a lot more money than anyone else before the primaries, but John Kerry won the nomination. Edwards went on to say, “Among the three of us, I’m the underdog. I’m fighting. I like that place. It’s always worked very well for me. That’s the story of my life.”

The former North Carolina senator went on to say that he would have $40 million, plenty of money to run in the early primaries. They could make all the difference in choosing the nominee.

Democratic candidate Dr. Carl Perrin agrees with Edwards completely. Perrin is way behind Edwards in fund raising, even behind Dennis Kucinich, but Perrin has a volunteer staff, made up of friends and relatives. They are making contacts and spreading the word. Although Perrin doesn’t have much cash in his campaign fund, his supporters in Maine are collecting returnable bottles that will really swell his treasury. A lot can happen in the next year.

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