Friday, May 18, 2007


Democratic candidate Carl Perrin wants to thank all the people who contributed to his haircut fund. (See May 4 blog.) The total amount raised for this appeal was $1.13. The campaign staff is pleased that five people gave generously to this fund. The $1.13 along with the $7.13 that was already in the fund comes to $8.26. That’s a long way from the $400 that candidate John Edwards paid for his haircut, but it is enough for Perrin’s usual $8.00 cut.

But here is the really good news: When Perrin’s Social Security check came in at the beginning of the month, he paid for his $8.00 haircut out of his own pocket. That means he still has $8.26 in his campaign fund for advertising in the days to come. Naturally he is going to save the money for a big media blitz when the primaries are near.

In the meantime Perrin has an image question that his supporters could help him with. Perrin’s wife Janet has suggested that he let his hair grow a little longer and tie it into a pony tail. Would a pony tail look ridiculous for a man in his seventies, a presidential candidate? Or would it make him look even more cool than he does now?

Your opinion really matters. Just click on the email icon at the bottom of this blog and take a couple of minutes to let the candidate know what hair style he should adopt.


asper said...

Nothing makes old farts or fartesses look older than trying to look like a teeny bopper. If the hair has gone gray, accept it and style it short, don't leave it long like a witch, and nothing looks worse than a bald man with long hair, especially if it is tied in a pony tail. So grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.
P.S. Don't wear a ring on your thumb or get a butterfly tattooed on one of your floppies either.

asper said...

I noticed that your orignal post was made at 2:19 AM. Did you have to get up to pee, or weren't you able to sleep?
Try not to nap longer than a half hour during the day, and try a glass of warm milk at bedtime.
Have Janet read a bedtime story, then tuck you in.

grammaticus1 said...

2:19 a m would be very early. Though I anm usually an early riser, I don't get up that early. The thing is, all the real computer geeks are on the west coast, so things like Blogger, Google, E-Bay, etc. are all listed on Pacific Time.