Thursday, May 3, 2007

Is Hugh Grant the kind of man who would throw a tub of bake beans at someone? Improbable as it seems, Grant is accused of assaulting freelance photographer Ian Whitaker with a giant tub of baked beans. When Whitaker asked Grant to smile for the camera, the actor lost his temper and attacked the photographer, who claimed that the assault left him, "bruised, battered, and covered with baked beans."

Reggie Thornwhistle, a family friend, said, "We’re worried about Hughie. He was a good lad growing up, but once he got to Hollywood, things began to change. First there was that awful incident with a prostitute a dozen years ago. We thought he had straightened out since then, but now we find he’s assaulting people with tubs of baked beans. It’s getting so when you see him with baked beans, you don’t know whether to smile or run for cover."

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