Tuesday, May 22, 2007



Ten of the 40 or 50 candidates running for the presidency are millionaires. The rest are not exactly hurting for money—all except Dr. Carl Perrin, who is as poor as a church mouse. No wonder John Edwards can afford $400 for a haircut, while Perrin has to wait for his Social Security check to pay for his $8 cut. Not only is Edwards a millionaire, but he was paid $479,000 as a part-time consultant to a hedge fund. Wow! Perrin never got paid anything like that even working full time.

People for Perrin, an organization of all eleven of our candidate’s backers, is calling for a change in rules. Millionaires should not be allowed to run for high office. To be eligible to run, wealthy candidates should be compelled to share their money with candidates who have less money, like Perrin, for example. That would level the playing field and be fairer.

What do you think? Let us have your thoughts.

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