Thursday, May 31, 2007


A study at the University of Bari showed that older people who are losing it mentally may be able to keep it together a little longer by having one alcoholic drink a day. Participants in the studies were from their mid-sixties to their mid-eighties. Among those who experienced mild cognitive impairment, those who had up to one drink a day experienced less dementia than the teetotalers.

Lakewood, NJ, socialite Dr. Carl Perrin is known for his healthy life style. He is especially fond of health food if that food is chocolate, beer, or even coffee. Perrin wants to keep what marbles he still has, so he was particularly interested in the Bari study. If one drink a day is good for you mentally, two a day must be twice as good, Perrin reasoned. So he tries not to let a single day go by without a couple of drinks to help his mental health.

See Perrin above at left with a martini to help him keep as many marbles as he can.

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asper said...

If two drinks is twice as good, four liddle zrinks muz be four dimes az good. Nussin rong wif my menal healf. Here's to your healf.