Thursday, May 24, 2007


It is unfortunate that when someone tries to serve his country by running for the presidency, everyone tries to dig up dirt about the candidate. For a long time rumors were going around that Dr. Carl Perrin was overly fond of women and indeed was not above a little fooling around on the side. Since all this chatter was below the surface, Perrin’s campaign staff could do nothing about it.

Then, as Perrin was coming out of Dunkin Donuts with a small coffee and two jelly donuts, Matt Drudge confronted him with the photo seen above. “She’s just a friend,” the candidate insisted. “Every couple of weeks she would bring me a roast chicken from Costco. There was never anything more than that.” But the issue has been raised, and voters will be suspicious, even though Perrin is completely innocent.

“It just shows how desperate the opposition is,” Perrin went on, “that they would sink to releasing pictures like this in an attempt to destroy my candidacy.” Perrin vows to keep working toward his goal and not let ugly rumors stand in his way.

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