Monday, May 14, 2007


Monica Goodling, former liaison between Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and the White House, resigned her position on April 7. Like “Randy” Tobias and Julie MacDonald, Ms. Goodling resigned for personal reasons rather than being fired for incompetence. However, she told the House Judiciary Committee that she would claim the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination if they forced her to testify. Clearly this woman is a credit to the Bush administration.

Although Ms. Goodling was not fired herself, House Democrats are interested in her role in the firing of eight U. S. Attorneys, all of them a bunch of trouble makers suspected of being closet Democrats. Now she has been granted immunity, and her lawyer assures that, “She’ll do her level best to be candid and forward in her testimony.” This is reassuring, especially after the candid and forward testimony of her former boss.

What is happening to the administration? They lost Rummy and Wolfie and Brownie, Andy and Randy, Julie and now Monica. Is there anyone left in the White House other than Karl and Dick to help the president?

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asper said...

Thank goodness Dick Cheney is still in there pitching two billion a week to try to get control of Iraq's oil. I wish you nattering nabobs of negativism would just pay your four dollars per gallon and try to be more supportive of aw mercan boys over there in Eye-rak.