Friday, May 25, 2007


Another bombshell has landed on Carl Perrin’s campaign for the Democratic nomination for the presidency. Just yesterday, a picture of Perrin with a mystery woman surfaced. Perrin refused to identify the woman and insisted that they were just friends anyway.

Now a new picture emerges (or rather an old one). This picture shows Perrin with a companion, taken back in the 70s. Perrin in his reserve officer’s uniform is shown with someone identified just as “Natashia,” who has an arm around a smiling Perrin.

Perrin insists that he and “Natashia” were “just friends." Sound familiar? Anyway, is this “Natashia” person a man or a woman. Perrin insists she is a woman. “She’s wearing a dress, isn’t she?” he asks.

Did Perrin notice that “Natashia” had a mustache and was smoking a cigar? Perrin admits that he didn’t notice these things. “It wasn’t that kind of a relationship,” he says.


asper said...

It's not bad enough that Carl Perrin is a bleeding heart liberal, it now appears from the old photo that he may be some kinda pinko. That mariner's uniform and the Russian name are awful suspicious. Was Perrin set ashore by a Russian submarine and was Natasha his contact. Hmm.

Lisa said...

Ah, but perhaps he is a spy for our side and is undercover. Although I think it takes nerves of steel to pose with Natashia. Whatever happened to Natashia? Perhaps end up in a shark tank?

asper said...

Ah yes, a mole. "Come live in a hole in the ground with me and never see the sun."