Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Time magazine came out with its list of 100 most influential people. It should be no surprise that Dr. Carl Perrin was not on the list. The magazine keeps coming out with these lists of 100 most influential and always omits prominent scholar Professor Carl Perrin.

It would not be so bad if everyone on the list was famous or something, but they aren’t. Have you ever heard of any of these people: Paul Allen, Elizabeth Blackburn, Svante Paabo, Tullis Onstatt, Kari Stefansson, Klaus Schwab, Indra Nooyi, Ho Ching, Bernard Arnault? Frankly, neither have we. Yet everyone knows Carl Perrin. Just ask anyone in the retirement village where he lives, if they know Perrin. They all know him.

Both Angelina and Brad made the list, but neither Carl nor his wife, talented artist Janet Perrin was selected. Bill AND Melinda Gates. Well, ho-hum. Pierre AND Pam Omidyar. But neither Carl nor Janet. Something is wrong here.

It seems to us that it is part of a vast, right-wing conspiracy that is attempting to prevent Dr. Perrin from getting the Democratic nomination for president. Those right wing nuts know that none of their candidates will have a chance against a natural leader like Dr. Carl Perrin.

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