Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Carl Perrin is hopping mad. Solair Recreation League of Connecticut is discriminating against senior citizens. Solair is a nudist colony where membership is on a sliding scale based on age. Annual membership for college students is $150. If you are between college age and 40, will cost you $300. Anyone over 40 will have to pay $500 a year to walk around naked at Solair. That is outrageous. Senior citizens should get a break as they do in so many other areas, from restaurants to movies to airline tickets.

Senior citizens should pay less rather than more to display their sagging bodies to younger folks. In fact nudist colonies should pay older citizens who have the courage to walk around naked. Better yet, those places should pay older men and women to keep their clothes on and walk around. Carl Perrin, a patriotic American, is willing to stroll around, wearing only a trench coat, in any nudist colony that will make a substantial contribution to his campaign fund.

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asper said...

I say make everyone go naked.

Stamp out concealed weapons!