Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Harlequin Romance is looking for a new kind of male model for their book covers. "We're looking for some guys that are not your usual models, but have that iconic look that women go for -- sexy, sensitive, beautiful and fit," said Harlequin spokeswoman Marleah Stout. "We want real men ... exactly what you think in your mind when you're fantasizing or imagining that ideal man. A lot of the models were too young, men in their twenties ... and our audience likes men a little bit older, a bit bigger, than the runway models."

When Lakewood, NJ, socialite Carl Perrin read that description, he recognized that they were describing someone just like him. The sexy, sensitive, beautiful and fit goes without saying of course. He is also quite a bit older as well as bigger than he used to be. He sent his resume and a picture to the publisher. You can expect to see him soon on the cover of a Harlequin Romance.

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I live in my own little world, bounded on the south by the Pax Romana and the north by the Declaration of Independence, but I'd like to comment on the presidential race.

Here's my two cents worth: My fervent belief is that...