Thursday, May 17, 2007


Prominent scholar Carl Perrin (seen in picture at left) has been elected to prestigious H. Pierpont Peasblossom Society. According to the letter Perrin received from the society, he was nominated for this honor because of his many achievements in journalism, literature, computer, science, and education, as well as other stuff. All he had to do was to send $29.95 to pay for the cost of printing his certificate of membership.

Naturally Perrin sent the $29.95 right away but never received the certificate. When we attempted to look up the H. Pierpont Peasblossom Society, we could find no evidence that it ever existed. Evidently Perrin is a victim of scam foisted on gullible senior citizens. Even though he never got the certificate, Perrin framed the original letter he got from the society and has it hanging in his office.

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