Tuesday, May 29, 2007



Just before Memorial Day a small plane flew into restricted air space near Washington, D. C. The President was out of town, but Vice President Cheney was at work in the White House.

Not taking any chances, the Secret Service hustled the Vice President into hiding. It turned out that the small plane in the restricted air space did not offer any kind of threat to anyone in Washington. The problem arose when the Secret Service went to take the VP out of hiding. They couldn’t remember where they had hidden him! Personally we don’t blame the Secret Service. We have stuff hidden all over the house, and we can’t remember what we hid, much less where we hid it.

Anyway the Secret Service and the White House staff are blaming each other for losing the Vice President, with each side saying that the other was responsible for remembering where they had hidden Mr. Cheney. One member of the vice president’s staff said, “This never would have happened when Scooter was here.”

There is some speculation that the Vice President knew that the threat is over, and he figured that, since the next day was a holiday, he might as well just start his holiday weekend a few hours early. He had some leave time coming, so maybe he decided to take a week or so off. Some people are even suggesting that we will not see Mr. Cheney until after July 4.

We are not saying that this is what happened. We acknowledge that the story is mere speculation, but if it is true, we think the VP should get back on the job. After all, we ’re not paying him a big salary to take an extended vacation every time a small plane flies over the nation’s capital.


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