Saturday, August 11, 2007


According to the recent Associated Press-Ipsos poll Fred Thompson is ahead of Rudy Guiliani among Republicans seeking the nomination. He is particularly strong among men, and that’s his problem. Sixty-three percent of his support is from men, particularly married men over 45, who tend to me more conservative. He does not have a strong following among women.

Hillary Clinton is Thompson’s mirror opposite. She has the support of 41 percent of women, more than twice Barack Obama's 19 percent. Fourteen percent of women favor Al Gore, and 10 percent are for John Edwards.

Clearly what we need is a candidate who will appeal to both men and women. Obviously it is not Fred Thompson, who is, frankly, not that sexy. Democratic candidate Dr. Carl Perrin, on the other hand, has that come-hither and vote-for-me charm. He has that savoir faire, that air of sophistication that appeals to women At the same time he has that he-man image that makes men wish they were more like him. Once the word gets out, he will charm the female voters and win the admiration of male voters. If the Democrats want to win the election, they need a winner like Dr. Carl Perrin.

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