Tuesday, August 14, 2007


In the first quarter of this year, Hillary Clinton’s campaign reported donations of $26 million, just a hair ahead of Barack Obama’s $25.7 million. However, it turns out that both candidates collected less than originally reported. This was due to various clerical errors, such as credit card donations being charged twice by mistake and contributions that exceeded the legal limit of $2,300. Other candidates had similar experiences, so it turns out that Clinton and Obama took in about the same amount in the first quarter.

Republicans also had some invalid contributions. Mitt Romney had almost as many erroneous contributions as Hillary Clinton. He had $514 ,000 to her $540,000.

Even Democratic candidate Dr. Carl Perrin took in less than he thought. In late July he reported $43.71 in his campaign treasury. That included a check for $1.00 that bounced and an IOU for $1.25. The person who write the IOU lost his job and couldn’t make good on the note. That brings his campaign fund down to $41.46 at the end of July.

As always, however, Perrin is upbeat. In a week and a half he will be in Maine where faithful supporters have been collecting returnable bottles to help boost his campaign funds. Although his campaign got off to a slow start, he is confident that the American public will see the value of having a retired English professor in the White House.

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