Thursday, August 9, 2007


Fox Network tries to present itself as presenting the “fair and balanced” view of the news, but it is about as far from fair and balanced as possible. It is rather the mad dog attack network of the media. It has set itself up as an attack dog to silence critics of the Bush administration. It has been unfriendly to African-Americans and other minorities. It spews out misinformation on global warming, including lies about environmental influence of Al Gore’s own home.

But when Fox attacks a restaurant worker in Maryland, that is going too far. What did Fox have against the restaurant worker—that she had voted for a Democrat?

Oops! Sorry. Wrong fox. We read the headline and jumped to a conclusion. This was not Fox Network but a real fox. Customers leaving a steak house in Salisbury, Maryland, saw a wild fox in the parking lot. They ran back inside for safety, and the fox ran after them. Employees and customers jumped up on tables in the dining room to get away from the fox. When the manager came out to see what was happening, the fox jumped at her and bite her hand. After a time employees were able to get the fox out. The manager went to the hospital to get shots in case the fox was rabid.

So we were wrong, but we’re still not apologizing to Fox News. We still think the network is a rabid attack beast. We think anyone who is attacked by Fox Network should get a rabies shot—just in case.

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