Monday, August 6, 2007


According to the recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama would beat Republican favorite Rudy Guiliani in the general election. Forty-three percent of Democrats favor Hillary over other candidates. Obama was a distant second with 22 percent. In June he was at 25 percent. Edwards slipped from 15 percent to 13 percent.

Women are more likely than men to have a positive image of Mrs. Clinton, but older women and married women are more likely to be skeptical about her. Forty percent have unfavorable views of her. Both men and women think she does not say what he really believes. One third of Americans would be “less likely” to vote for her because she is a woman.

It seems strange to us that the Democratic front runner has so many negatives. Forty percent have negative opinions about Mrs. Clinton. The majority of men and women don’t think she says what she really believes. (We already have a president whose word we can’t trust!) One third of Americans would be “less likely” to vote for a woman.

It is time to give serious consideration to a candidate who doesn’t have all that dubious baggage. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who has a negative view of Dr. Carl Perrin. You can believe what Perrin says—most of the time anyway. We’ve never heard anyone say he or she would be “less likely” to vote for a man.

You can make a difference. Support Carl Perrin for president.

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