Monday, August 20, 2007


Is Karl Rove the evil genius behind all the extralegal White House shenanigans? Is he the one who hatched all those plots that led members of the Bush administration around, above, or beyond the law? Is Rove the author of all those assaults on the Constitution?

In a word (Rove’s word), the answer is no. In a series of TV appearances over the weekend Rove said it was all the fault of others. He was just following orders. If tactical mistakes were made, they were not his fault.

He was not blame for revealing that Valerie Wilson was a covert CIA agent. He wasn’t even sure to this date that she was in fact an agent. What about his role in firing those closet-Democrat U.S. attorneys? Rove accused Fox News Chris Matthews of being an agent of the enemy (Congress) in even asking such a question. Why didn’t Congress pass the administration’s immigration reform bill? It wasn’t because conservative Republicans in Congress fought the bill so fiercely, according to Rove; it was because Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid didn’t push it hard enough.

Rove hadn’t even wanted to do the hip hop performance “M. C. Rove” at the White House Correspondents’ dinner in March. “They dragged me up there,” he said.

Now we’re really worried. If Rove wasn’t responsible for all those behind-the-scenes dirty tricks, will anything change when he leaves the White House? Will some other evil genius continue to mastermind misguided policies and assaults on the Constitution after Rove goes home to Texas?

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