Friday, August 10, 2007



There is some speculation that Senator Joe Biden is really hoping to be named Secretary of State in the new Democratic administration. He seems too far behind to hope ever to get the nomination for president. Nor is he anyone’s first or even second choice for vice president.

However, the Delaware senator has some credibility as a candidate for Secretary of State. For some time Biden has been pushing a plan to pacify Iraq by dividing it into three semi-autonomic regions, one each for Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites. While the plan hasn’t attracted much support, it could be the way to fix the mess in Iraq, and the new Democratic president could choose Biden to supervise it. Biden insists he is not interested in that job, but you never know. Lots of things could change.

When we think of cabinet posts for the various Democratic candidates, we naturally wonder about Dr. Carl Perrin. Biden is a distant fourth in the polls, but Perrin is dead last. A few people think he has no chance of capturing the Democratic nomination. Like Biden, Perrin insists he is in the race to win the presidency, and nothing less.

Nevertheless, Perrin wonders, just out of curiosity, mind you, how much money does a cabinet secretary earn, and what kind of perks does he get?

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