Friday, August 3, 2007


It should be no surprise that that endorsements for Perrin as president have been pouring in. We post several of them here:

How many people know that Perrin served in the Dixie Division during the Korean War? I doubt if any of the other candidates can claim that distinction. That should help him win some Southern votes. Him and me were good buddies in the army, and he liked cheap beer way back then. Boy, did he like cheap beer!

Freddie Smalto

Mr Perrin wuz my Inglish techer at Ocean County College. He was always saying real funny stuff in class, and he never made us wirk to hard. I think everyone aught to vote for him.

Jerry Periwinkle

Clearly Carl Perrin is the most qualified among the many candidates for the presidency, both Democrats and Republicans. I am going to vote for him, and I would even vote for him if he weren’t my cousin .

Tom Perrin

I never thought I would be endorsing a liberal for office, but I like Carl Perrin. Everyone likes him because he is easy to like. I am not endorsing him only because the RNC believes he would be the easiest candidate to beat in the general election but also because he is a nice guy.

Francis Birdbeck

No doubt there are thousands more people who want to endorse Carl Perrin for the Democratic nomination. Now it is easy for you to do. Just write your endorsement in a comment on this blog.


asper said...

I served with Perrin when he was awarded the Eisnehower Medal during WW II. He probably doesn't talk about it much, but I know what sacrifices he made.

Signed, an old campaigner

Al Payne said...

Alhtuogh I am bsacilly a rpebulcian I wuold be pruod to ednrose Dr Cral Preirn for perisdnet.
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The pernset rpebuilacn nmoniees sohuld cmpotee whit smoenoe of tehir own satture.
I kown, I kown, Im in need of Cral's egnlish intsurciotn.
Good lcuk Cral.
Al Pynae