Thursday, August 16, 2007


Realistically there doesn’t seem much chance of a Republican winning the White House in the next election. The disastrous six and a half years of the Bush presidency have made the public eager for something new. However much the Republican candidates try to distance themselves from the incumbent, voters cannot forget what a mess the Republicans in the White House and in Congress have got us into.

Whoever wins the Democratic nomination is almost sure to become the next president. The Democrats have a bunch of strong candidates, but all of the front runners have serious deficiencies. Hillary Clinton is ahead in the polls, but a lot of people of both parties will be voting for “anyone but Hillary.” Although she is highly competent, she doesn’t come across as a warm, honest person. It would be risky for the Democrats to nominate her.

The candidate in second place, Barack Obama, is more of a crowd pleaser than Mrs. Clinton, but his resume is thin. Mrs. Clinton herself has suggested that Obama is naïve and lacking in experience. He is particularly lacking in foreign relations experience. He got our Pakistan ally all in an uproar when he said he would send American troops to the Pakistan/Afghanistan border area to root out the Taliban.

The third of the front-place troika, John Edwards, appeals to the more liberal wing of the party, but he is quite a way behind Clinton and Obama in national polls. He doesn’t have much more experience than Obama, and like him, lacks in foreign relations experience. Also he spends too much on haircuts.

Admittedly Carl Perrin is at the very bottom of the polls. A lot of people don’t even know who he is. But that is changing. Dozens of people every day read this blog and spread the word about Perrin’s unique qualifications. We can’t imagine anyone wanting to vote for “anyone but Perrin.” Everyone likes him. He has a lot more experience than the whole lot of them put together. He spent a half a century trying to teach college freshmen the difference between “there “ and “their.” Sometimes he even succeeded.

Perrin has lots of foreign relations experience too. In his decades of teaching he had dozens of foreign students, so he has an insight into the way people from elsewhere think. Also people from around the world write in to his Grammar Doctor web site every week to ask questions about English grammar.

It’s time for a change. It’s time to elect a Ph.D. president of the United States.


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