Saturday, August 18, 2007



Scientists in southern India have come up with a plan to create photo IDs for wild elephants. That’s one of the craziest ideas we have heard of. What are the elephants going to do, use the IDs to buy beer? How many gallons of beer do you suppose an elephant can drink? And who’s going to pay for all that beer?

And what are people going to do when one of those elephants get drunk on cheap beer? It’s no easy task to handle a sober elephant. But imagine trying to control a drunk one. Or a bar full of them.

We say thumbs down on a bad idea.


A Japanese TV company has a great idea, so naturally the government is trying to stop it. It is news coverage for the hearing impaired. A young woman gives the news in sign language, and in between news items, she removes articles of clothing. The program comes on just once a week. At first the Japanese government was helping to cover production costs for this valuable news program for hearing-impaired people, but when they realized the show included a striptease, they withdrew their coverage. The TV company is going to continue producing “Naked Sign Language News” without the government money.

Dr Carl Perrin has a hearing problem, so he would really appreciate a program like “Naked Sign Language News.” Just think, you can get the news and practice your sign language at the same time. It’s too bad we don’t have something like that in this country.”

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Al Pynae said...

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As far as cnortllonig rwody eelhpnats in a bar; we cuold use tehir acrh eenmy as buonecrs. (The "MGIHTY MUOSE.")