Tuesday, August 7, 2007


A RECENT Washington Post/ABC News poll showed that nationwide Hillary Clinton is way ahead of her closest rival (Barack Obama) with 43 percent of the votes to Obama’s 22 percent. Other candidates were even further behind. But a poll conducted in Iowa showed a different picture. The top three candidates were virtually tied, with Obama at 27 percent while Clinton and Edwards were right behind at 26 percent. The Iowa voters considered Mrs. Clinton to be a strong leader and the most electable, but her rivals were deemed more likeable.

What this shows is that it all depends on whom you ask. With that in mind, we conducted our own poll. We randomly selected 15 people at a Perrin family gathering and asked whom they would rather have a beer with, Hillary Clinton or Carl Perrin. Perrin came first in 14 out of 15. (The one holdout was an oddball brother-in-law who kept saying, “I’d just like to meet Hillary.”)

When it comes to likeability, Perrin comes out way ahead.

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