Friday, April 10, 2015


Huge numbers of supporters reacted with shock when Carl Perrin withdrew from the presidential race. “Four or five people have urged me to back in the race,” Perrin told our reporter.

“It’s at least six,” his wife Janet corrected him. “Don’t forget your cousin Tom.”

Since Perrin announced his withdrawal, two Tea Party favorites, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, have announced their candidacy. Marc Rubio is set to throw his hat in the ring, and Hillary is getting ready to make it official. For a long time she has been the only Democrat with enough power to challenge the Republicans. And now she is dropping in the polls when matched against possible Republican candidates. Perrin supporters have been urging him to enter the contest so that Democrats will have a choice. “Don’t let Hillary take it without a fight,” they keep saying.  

To the great joy of those who want to see a sane and reasonable person in the White House, Dr. Carl Perrin has formed an exploratory committee to consider whether he has a chance to win against all those professional politicians. You can support his candidacy by contributing to his PayPal account.

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