Friday, January 23, 2015

Babylon is fallen

    Hank Snyder feels ill. He walks toward the restroom but collapses before he gets there. Two days later he is dead. Doctors do not know what caused his death. Suddenly throughout Hamilton, NH, people are dying from the mysterious illness.
Essential services break down. Stores are looted and schools are closed. Police and fire protection cease to exist. Local units of the National Guard, under the leadership of Alan Ramsey, step in to restore order.
    Ramsey is a dictator. He maintains control through harsh punishment of anyone who opposes him. A family that hoarded food is thrown in jail and not given anything to eat. When the editor of the local paper writes an editorial opposing Ramsey, he is thrown in jail and beaten.

    Jordan Collins and Eleanor Kaufman flee Hamilton. Just outside of town they come across a group that is preparing to attack Hamilton and wrest control from Alan Ramsey. Can they do it before more people die?

Carl Perrin's new book, Babylon is Fallen will be out soon as a kindle and as a paperback book. 

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