Sunday, May 10, 2015


It seems that Hillary isn’t the only candidate with problems relating to email. Democratic candidate Carl Perrin has a half a dozen email addresses. Why does one person need so many identities on the internet? He has two yahoo addresses, an aol address, a hotmail address, etc., etc., etc.

When he left aol as his internet service provider, he thought he could no longer use his aol address. When he started his Grammar Doctor website, he opened an address solely for people to email that site. When he went to Optonline for his internet service, they gave him another email address. When he started this blog on Google Blogger, he thought he needed a gmail address for that.

It sounds pretty complicated, just a little too complicated, like some kind of strange plot. We can’t help but wonder if he uses some of his email addresses for some kind of secret stuff that he doesn’t want people to know about.

If he wants to run for the presidency, he ought to come clean with the American public about why he has so many email addresses.   

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