Wednesday, July 29, 2015


The Republicans are worried sick. The Donald is way ahead of all the other Republican candidates. They are hoping that before the primaries Republican voters will see through Trump’s clownish behavior and nominate a more appropriate candidate for the presidency. There is still a big worry on the horizon. If Trump isn’t nominated, he may wage a campaign as a third-party candidate. He doesn’t have much chance of winning in such a role, but he would draw voters away from the more reasonable Republican candidate and throw the election to the Democratic nominee.

Democrats are not exactly cheering, though. It seems that they have a possible spoiler in their ranks. Former candidate Carl Perrin has not attracted much attention in the current race, but things could change. In 2008 he was denied the Democratic nomination, so he mounted a campaign as a Family Values candidate, based on the fact that he had been married three times. His running mate was Rosie Thibodeau, a single mom from Madawaska, ME. Although they lost the election, they ran a spirited campaign. If Perrin runs as a third-party candidate again, it would throw a monkey wrench into the Democratic establishment campaign.

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