Tuesday, January 27, 2015


As new Republican candidates crawl out of the woodwork every day, the Democrats are solidly behind Hilary. Sure, some people want Elizabeth Warren, but Elizabeth says, no. Joe Biden says he is considering a run, but no one is saying, “Run, Joe, run!”

The scarcity of the Democratic field makes political insiders think about Carl Perrin. Although he sat out the 2012 election, he was a strong candidate in 2008. “We just didn’t have the campaign financing,” Perrin said. “While other candidates were collecting big bucks from millionaires, my campaign was financed mostly from people in Maine cashing in returnable cans and bottles. Even so, we lost in Maine.”

We asked the former English professor if he is considering another run for the White House. “I haven’t formed an exploratory committee or anything like that, but I have been talking to a few folks.”

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