Thursday, May 28, 2015


 At last count there were 73 candidates for the presidency, and that’s just the Republicans. Every day two or three more GOP candidates throw their hats into the ring. Just a few days ago Lindsay Graham said he wanted to be considered. Then it was Rick Santorum. At least he said he was Santorum, but without his trademark sweater vest, we couldn’t be sure. Now George Pataki stated that he was going to announce soon. Where will it all end?

At this point only one candidate, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, has announced that he is a candidate for the Democratic nomination. Is Hillary going to run, or is she too busy fighting off attacks to put her effort into a political campaign?

And what about Carl Perrin? Is he ever going to stop dithering and starting campaigning for the White House? Actually he is. He recognizes the weakness in his 2008 effort to win the Democratic nomination. Clearly it was not his qualifications. He was and remains one of the most qualified candidates in the race. Perrin’s weakness was in fund raising. While the other candidates were raising tens of millions of dollars for their campaigns, Perrin was dependent primarily on Maine supporters who were cashing in cans and bottles for his campaign fund.

That is about to change. He is going to publish excerpts from his campaign blog My Run for the White House or How I Tried to Save Cheap Beer for America. Just as the electioneering gets hot and heavy, this notable work will be available as a kindle book. The revenue from book sales will be more than enough to compete with the $$$ contributed to other candidates by millionaires.

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