Tuesday, April 21, 2015


The rapture is coming, thanks to Barack Obama. Don’t take my word for it. This comes from Michele Bachmann. The former congresswoman and presidential candidate said we can see the destruction coming, and it’s caused by Obama’s policies on Iran’s nuclear program. Not only that, but on marriage equality. Wow! I didn’t realize that until I read Ms Bachmann’s words. What a revelation!
It gets worse: Obama’s number one goal is to ensure that Iran has a nuclear weapon, Bachmann tells us. Of course! It all becomes clear. I’m surprised that I didn’t see it before. All this stuff about Obama Care and getting Congress to approve his attorney general nominee or even trying to get Congress to do its job has just been a cover up. All the while he must have been working behind the scenes to help Iran get the bomb.
We heard from a “reliable source” that some of the extremists who are vying for the Republican nomination for president have been urging Bachmann to make her views on these issues known. The reason, we are told, is that by comparison it will make them sound almost sane. This is what we heard, but of course don’t believe it.
Not only is Obama's number one goal to ensure that Iran gets a nuclear weapon, but he is an unmitigated socialist. We know that because Ted Cruz said it.

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