Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Democratic candidate Carl Perrin was shocked when he didn’t pick up any votes in Florida, not even in Palm Beach County, where he lived just a couple of years ago. The Clinton machine beat him into the dust. Perrin takes some satisfaction from knowing Clinton’s Florida victory is merely symbolic, since Florida delegates are not going to be seated at the Democratic convention next summer.

Perrin may be down, but he is not out. He is looking forward to the big sweep of primaries next Tuesday. Because of the vast left/right wing conspiracy, Perrin will not appear on the ballot in any of these primaries. So if you want to vote for Perrin, you will have to write his name on the ballot. Our candidate doesn’t see any problem with that. He knows a lot of people in a lot of these upcoming primary states, and he is sure that tons of them are going to write his name in.

Perrin is confident because he knows he has an appeal that none of the other Democrats have. He appeals to seniors. There is a good chance that the Republican candidate will be a septuagenarian. Of the front-running Democrats, the oldest is Hillary Clinton, and she’s just sixty. Someone that young is not old enough or experienced enough to lead the country. The Democratic party needs another septuagenarian to run against John McCain. Who could be better than 77-year-old Dr Carl Perrin?

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