Saturday, January 19, 2008


Dr. Steven W. Running was scheduled to speak this week to high school students at Choteau, Montana. Dr. Running is a professor ecology at the University of Montana. He is also the lead author of a panel that wrote a study on global warming. For their work, the panel, along with Al Gore, won the Nobel Peace Prize last year. What a wonderful opportunity for these high school students—to hear an address by a Nobel Prize winner.

Not so fast. We forget how strong and entrenched are the forces of ignorance. Some townspeople complained because Dr. Running’s address would present only one side of the story. No one would be there to give the other side. The school superintendent, a brave soul named Keven St. John, was not going to stick his neck out. He cancelled the talk.

To present the other side? What other side? That global warming is some kind of liberal hoax? Do some people today believe as Republican senator James Inhofe said in 2003 that global warming is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people”? Maybe he could give the other side. If Inhofe is busy, maybe someone from the Institute for Creation Research or the White House Agency for Truth in Science could do the job.

It’s a sad commentary on the battle between science and ignorance. In Choteau, Montana, the score is

Ignorance 1
Science 0


Ed Gulachenski said...

The score is now ignorance 2, science 0 following the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali last month. This international group denied any scientist to present the results of peer reviewed papers that showed that the impacts claimed in the Fourth IPCC Report to have been caused by anthropogenic (man Made) global warming (AGW), could be better explained by natural climate changes.
Furthermore the IPCC working groups were instructed to not consider any published papers dated after May of 2005. These peer reviewed papers showed that AGW was not proved to exist in the IPCC Report.
And finally IPCC Report 4 has chosen to ignore a fatal flaw in its computer models used to predict catastrophic impacts of global warming.
These models correctly include the green house effect requiring a change in temperature in the troposphere some 2 to 3 times that on the earth's surface. It takes this much a change to detect any temperature change on the surface. But satellite data do not show any change at all in tropospheric temperatures. Ignorance wins again.

Anonymous said...

FYI, (I wouldn't want you to remain ignorant) one of the many respected scientist's from ICR (Institute for Creation Research) served on the global warming committee, thus won the Nobel prize with Mr. Gore.

asper said...

Too bad that someone from the Flat Earth Society wasn't represented on the committee.

katz said...

We flat earth people are sick of you pointy-headed intellectuals kicking us around.