Monday, January 14, 2008


Huckabee says Thompson didn’t accomplish much of anything in his years in the Senate. Thompson calls Huckabee a liberal. Mitt and Mac go after each other in Michigan. We love it when Republicans beat each other up, violating the commandment of Saint Ronald, that Republicans should not say nasties about other Republicans. (They should leave that kind of dirty work to Democrats.)

The automobile industry in Michigan has lost more and more jobs as buyers in the U.S. and elsewhere purchase cars made in other countries. McCain gave some of his straight talk to Michigan voters: Those jobs are “not coming back.”

Romney called McCain’s statement defeatist. He also criticized the senator for voting for increased fuel efficiency standards in American automobiles, which Mitt said would help foreign auto makers but hurt American car manufacturers. The guy is so full of empty rhetoric. He is somehow going to entice people to buy more Detroit-built cars and revitalize the Michigan auto industry. At the same time he criticizes a measure that might actually lead people to buy more American cars: increasing fuel efficiency and economy. He ignores the threat to the country of greater dependence on foreign oil and the threat to the world of increased emissions from Detroit gas guzzlers.

McCain countered that he would be “ashamed and embarrassed” if he were to promise that the lost jobs were coming back. Romney, on the other hand, does not seem to be embarrassed by empty promises.

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