Thursday, January 17, 2008


Mitt Romney is not going to give up on American industry. No siree, Bob. He promised Michigan voters that he would set aside $20 billion in R and D for the auto industry to put it back on top. He’s going to do the same for textiles in the South as well as American enterprises that have gone overseas in recent years. American business will be back where it was 20 years ago, during the reign of Saint Ronald.

Romney is going to do all of this while he eliminates taxes. Yes, hard as it is to believe, instead of taxes, citizens and businesses will make voluntary contributions to the U. S. Treasury. Most people will be glad to give their fair share because times will be so good under the Romney presidency.

Every American child will have a tricycle on his or her fourth birthday and a bicycle on the tenth birthday—all supplied by a resurgent American manufacturing sector. Teenagers will have free iPods, laptops, and whatever else teenagers want. Young women and men will get a free cosmetic makeover once a year. Aspiring entrepreneurs will get $50,000 to start their businesses—no strings attached. Retirees, along with Social Security, will get a lifetime occupancy of a luxury condo in Florida or Arizona—their choice.

Wait! Wait! Don’t wake me up! Let me enjoy this dream a little longer.

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